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Patrick Slattery ArtWorks is a father/son painting studio and art commission business in Austin, Texas, specializing in large abstract canvases in acrylic and oil. Jackson Pollock is our muse. You can read more about our Abstract Expressionism roots on the Gallery tab. Some of our work incorporates found objects and references to natural sites where we have traveled, especially in New Mexico and Louisiana.

Patrick teaches in Santiago de Chile every January. The intense landscapes of the Andes, Patagonia, and Chilean coast shape his aesthetic sensibilities. Patrick is Professor of Philosophy of Education at Texas A&M University. He is a former President of the Arts-Based Educational Research Association and the author of the internationally translated Curriculum Development in the Postmodern Era (Routledge, 2013). Philosophical and cultural metaphors permeate his canvases.

Josh & Patrick, Niagara Falls
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Joshua Slattery has been interested in art from a young age. He graduated from John B. Connally High in Pflugerville, and he played hockey at the Chaparral Ice Rink. Patrick and Joshua lived in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1990s. Patrick served as a docent at the Cleveland Museum of Art; Joshua played hockey in Oberlin, Elyria, and Shaker Heights. Joshua works in oil, acrylic, and found objects on canvas and brings the energy and finesse of hockey to his work. Patrick and Joshua are both strongly influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe. You can read more about our connections to O'Keeffe's paintings in Abiquiu, New Mexico, in the artist statement to the right.

We are inspired by Pattie C. S. Burke, Patrick's mother and Joshua's grandmother. Pattie is retired in Austin and author of the book Women and Pedagogy. She was a beloved art teacher in New Orleans in the 1960s and 1970s. At Spring Fiesta she displayed her work in Jackson Square. These various aesthetic influences inspire our unique artistic style.